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Artist to Bees book by Paula Carnell
Artist to Bees book by Paula Carnell

It is with huge relief that I have completed writing my book ‘A to bees’. I feel very professional, employing an editor to condense my ramblings to a readable quantity and correct my dodgy spelling. Reading through her wonderful edits, I am so excited that she has replaced some words with ones I preferred but just couldn’t spell, to the extent that my computer also had no idea what word I was trying to spell so was unable to give me suggestions!

This book has been over a year in the making, and fifty in the living.




Writers workshop

last November I attended the Hay House writers workshop in Bristol with my mum, who has been writing her memoirs for years and attends regular writing groups.

I knew that I needed to write about my recovery from Ehlers Danlos, but I also wanted to write about bees. I have moved away from being poorly and would rather not dwell on it, yet at the same time I am often asked to speak of my journey and I am told my tale is inspiring.

The workshop was fabulous at advising us about which book NOT to write and it became apparent that writing about the seven year slog of illness and treatments would be more of a therapy to me than to the reader. This blog has helped to discuss and share some of my learnings and experiences, but life is now good, happy and enjoyable, and that is what gives me more joy to be writing about.

“This book has been over a year in the

making, and fifty in the living.”

Julia Cameron ( The Artists Way) was one of the most inspiring speakers at the workshop and unexpectedly she was the giver of my most profound light bulb moments during the weekend. Putting us into small groups of three strangers, we exercised listening and giving to each other, using intuition and boundless abundance. We could gift each other holidays, time, family, silence, talents, whatever came to mind. Each group was only for ten minutes and with a theme of gift.

Planning my trip to Bhutan
Planning my trip to Bhutan


I came away being gifted ‘a month alone in the mountains to write’. At the time this sounded SO extravagant and yet also I knew it was what I needed. I had a wish for a few years now to be spending my fiftieth birthday in Bhutan. It was an instinct rather than a knowing, yet as I researched more, Bhutan seemed to be the perfect place for me as I am now. A peaceful, Bhuddist kingdom, tucked into the Himalayas between giants India and China, where all the food is organic and few tourists visit.

The seed had been sown, but I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly go there alone. I should, and wanted, to celebrate my birthday with my husband, but I knew that he would be busy at that time of year making cider, and a short week or ten day trip wouldn’t justify the expense.

Well, as the past twelve months passed, various changes in both our lives and our businesses have meant that I am now about to embark on a three week visit to Bhutan, alone, to write, and visit bees around the kingdom.

“Loving a deadline, my goal was to

complete my book before I left on my

adventure, where I will be free to write my

other, more spiritual, book on bees.”

With the help of trusted travel counsellor, Maria Foxwell, I have a guide willing to take me to the corners not usually visited by tourists on their mission to find spiritual enlightenment on a mountain top monastery. I rejected the usual tourist museums and sights for a chance to learn about the real Bhutan, the Apis cerana honey bees and the endangered Apis dorsata and Apis laboriosa whose wild combs were being plundered and robbed by honey hunters.

Tiger's nest monastery Bhutan
Tiger’s nest monastery Bhutan

It’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip,that I hope will evolve into a deeper understanding of life in a country kept separate from the developing world until it’s first road was built in the 1960s and resisted television until 1999. As they try and ‘catch up’ with all the wonders they are now able to see on their screens, many of us are searching for an escape, a simpler life, and a deeper connection with the land in which we live.

Loving a deadline, my goal was to complete my book before I left on my adventure, where I will be free to write my other, more spiritual book on bees.

So I finished it, my editor is tidying it up and I have a great designer putting it all together into a beautiful package. With my artistic history and love of books, an E book or cheap soft back were not an option. My book has to be beautiful to handle as well as to the eye. It will be printed whilst I travel and ready to ship in December. I am offering a pre publication special order price of £10 which I hope will be enticing to my readers!

What is A to Bees about? Well, Artist to Bee Speaker, fifty short tales of how bees came into my life whilst I was so poorly, what I have learned, what I am learning about what is killing bees and quite possibly killing us too….

If you want to know more than that, you have to order your own copy here!

Once the book is published, the full price of £12.99 plus postage will be charged.

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