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Early on Thursday morning I was asked about headaches, perhaps triggered after someone tried taking the plant based mineral supplements I recommend. As I personally didn’t suffer from headaches when I started them, (partly due to the fact that I’d spent 7 years seriously detoxing and was wheat, dairy and sugar free at the time) I find it difficult to relate to and can only offer the advice common with starting any new healthy regime, ‘drink more water’.


‘I wouldn’t go so far to say it was a migraine, despite it being severe enough to make my gums bleed’

Interestingly, I was  then to find myself gripped by a punishing headache only several hours later and was kept awake all night with it, and bedridden with it the whole of Friday. I wouldn’t go so far to say it was a migraine, despite it being severe enough to make my gums bleed, but I wasn’t nauseous and I could stand daylight.

I absolutely refuse to take any painkillers for headaches, seeing pain as a message from my body, and when I’ve understood the particular message and acted on it, confident that the headache will disappear and I’d be happy in the knowledge that I have not created any effects from taking a chemical treatment to mask or suppress the symptoms. As Friday was a Bank Holiday and I had nothing planned, I was able to completely give into the pain, and give my body the much needed rest I knew that it needed, after all, I knew I had been pushing myself by working excessively over the past few weeks.

I found  a quote from Dr Joel Fuhrman, author of ‘Eat to live, Eat for Health’ who believes that there is an alternative to the use of medication for headaches:

“Drugs to relieve pain are rarely necessary if headache sufferers are allowed to detoxify at the first sign of headache symptoms. The major cause of both tension headaches and migraines is the retention of toxins or tissue irritants within the central nervous system.These chemical irritants may cause an over sensitivity of nerve tissues to other stimuli. Headaches are a signal that something is wrong. Typically, they result from retained wastes or toxins in the body. The pain usually begins when the body attempts to mobilise and remove the noxious agents”.


Remembering  the questioner on Thursday, that she ‘didn’t have time for headaches’ bothered me. That comment in itself is indicative of the world we currently live in, all so busy, both with work and social lives, and any ‘down time’ is constantly being interrupted by social media, before we even think of family and friends. I didn’t have time to be ill, but pushed myself so hard for so long, that I ended up having to make time for illness and the very tough journey of recovery.

In an attempt to make more time for my body, I decided to commit to a regular pilates class. My second class was on Wednesday, and I was relieved that after this session I wasn’t too achey. The first session, the previous week, had parts of my body, where I didn’t even know I had muscles, aching!

Regular exercise is so important, and today I learned exactly why. Our lymph is a body wide substance that transports vital nutrients and oxygen around the body and contains white blood cells. We have around 100 lymph nodes around our body which contain large numbers of the white blood cells which remove all the debris and foreign bodies including bacteria, that are transported to the nodes to be processed. The white blood cells are part of our immune system which breaks down all the nasties that our body is trying to get rid of. It is no coincidence that breast cancer is so common and often begins in lymph nodes positioned in a perfect fatty storage area- the breasts.
The Lymphatic system in females

Every day, all the food we eat, the air we breathe, water we drink and all the potions we expose our skin to, are absorbed by our bodies and need to have the goodness extracted and the unnecessary parts disposed of. Sadly, in today’s environment, a lot of the unnecessary parts are also quite toxic to our bodies and so we are not only overloading the lymphatic system. When there is too many toxins to deal with, the particles get stored into fat, until we have the recourses and time to deal with it. Naturally if you never get around to giving your body a break from all these toxins, or consume and absorb more toxins than you can remove, your body will get out of balance and illness will occur.

Exercising stretches muscles, releasing some of the stored toxins into the lymph for processing. If you exercise to the level that your start breaking down fat, then even more toxins are released and need to be eliminated. Drinking more water will assist the lymph but you may need to see symptoms getting worse before they get better. A simple example is when you take a break from drinking coffee, the resulting headaches are a reminder of just how toxic to the body caffeine is.

I was accepting that my Friday headache was due to overwork, but when chatting with a qualified medical herbalist friend this morning, she reminded me of the lymph and asked if I’d started any new form of exercise. Of course, I then realised  how the  new pilates class would explain a higher level of release of toxins into my system. As I had been more relaxed about sugar in my diet recently, and had been driving more and in more polluted areas, it would make sense that I was storing more toxins than in previous times. This was my ‘aha’ moment.


I then began to find more interesting articles about female prevalence of migraine headaches and the connection to copper overdosing. Over dosing of copper is usually found stored in the liver, brain, ovaries and kidneys and Dr Richard Malter writes in ‘The Strands of Health’

“One of the most significant biochemical and metabolic developments since the end of World War II involves the widespread use of female contraceptives. This is because there is such a close relationship between estrogen and copper and biochemical systems. With the widespread use of the estrogen in the pill and the estrogen replacement therapy, excess copper builds up in the cells and the tissues of very large numbers of females. This has become a major contributing factor to both psychological and physical health problems that they experience”.

I myself was offered a copper intrauterine (IUD) device after menstrual peri-menopausal issues. Had I not questioned what the geneocologist was doing when I overheard him requesting an IUD to his nurse assistant, he would have placed one in presuming that I would be accepting his recommended prescription. To his surprise I refused, and am happily the other side of menopause with minimal discomfort within a few years. I would be very interested to learn just how many readers of this suffer from migraines and happen to have an IUD device or were on birth control pills.

Copper is also absorbed from fungicide and pesticide residues ( non organic food) sleeping pills, tranquilizers as well as more obviously, copper pipes and cooking utensils.

This is another reason to be sure that if you are taking any vitamin or mineral supplements, that they are plant based so that they are in a form that our bodies can digest and utilise without creating toxic overloading.

So, in answer to the original question of plant based mineral supplements creating headaches, they will be due to your body now being given the ingredients to enable detoxing, and an excess of toxins will create a headache. All these toxins flooding into your bloodstream creates inflammation, and inflammation in your head really hurts! While there is still some controversy over the “vascular” part of migraine, the situation was recently summed up by Dr. Andrew Charles, UCLA migraine researcher. Dr. Charles indicated that while it is clear that vascular changes occur in migraine, it does not mean migraine is triggered by vascular processes, and that the dilation of blood vessels is neither necessary nor sufficient for causing migraine pain.

Homeopathic remedies for headaches

Thankfully, research is continuing about headache causes, migraines in particular, but in the meantime, if you suffer with either, take a moment to look at your recent activities or change in diet. How many toxins do you consume, and are you effectively removing them from your system?

Taking a daily diet of fresh organic vegetables and fruits will give your body the best chance in running efficiently, but if not, then you really would benefit from taking added supplements, and they must be plant based as any synthetic supplement will only add to the toxic build up.

Have a look at this short video to understand the difference: and go here ‘carnellsminerals’ 

to try them for yourself.

What did I do? I stayed in bed all day on Friday, took two extra doses of my minerals, drank 3 litres of water, drank cups of cleavers herbal tea, and went to bed at 8.30 pm after placing garlic on my oiled feet to ease congestion, in case I was experiencing an onset of a cold.

This morning, Saturday, I awoke rested and refreshed, headache free and inspired to share my experiences!



References: Migraines and Copper Toxicity. 

Migraines and toxic headaches 


All views here are based on my own personal experience and opinions and are not to be substituted for medical advice from your own physician or medical professional.


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