Living with ME

As I am new to this forgive my ramblings! I am/was a professional artist until May this year when I was finally knocked down by CFS/ ME. Having previously been a very busy ‘high achiever’ loving my business- Pc Paintings- an active member of local BNI, mother and wife I am certainly no ‘slacker’ and maybe am paying for my previous doubts over such a ‘dodgy’ illness!

If you don’t know what CFS/ ME is you can see plenty of depressing videos on You-Tube and lots of blogs are around on various miracle cures. I try to stay positive and off anti depressants, which seem to be the main recommended drug.

I am a Reiki master and great believer in homeopathic and complimentary medicines and treatments.So six weeks in to the ‘chronic’ phase I am now well enough to start a blog! I will be updating this whenever I have a surge of energy or just feel compelled to write.

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