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It’s over a year now since my life, and health, stepped up a gear, or five.

My past fears of ‘how would I cope with cooking for myself’ have transformed into ‘how can I cope with running a house, studying and managing two businesses with beekeeping and rest?’…

My husband and kids, not to mention extended family and friends are often saying ‘you’re doing too much’, and ‘just sit down or rest’, but how can I when there’s just so much that I want and enjoy to do?

I am absolutely loving my renewed health, but am all too acutely aware of it’s fragility. A recent reminder has been a series of dislocations, following an extended ‘busy’ period. Ehlers Danlos syndrome means that my joints easily dislocate and the more they do the easier it is for them to do so in future, and having lived with pain most of my life, the early warning signs are often missed and ignored.

It is an interesting dilema that when I am feeling just so fantastically well, I should still allow time for doing nothing, absolutely nothing. I realise that in my timetable, my down time consists of cooking or shopping to feed five, making a skep, gardening, or walking. I find it SO difficult to sit or lay down doing absolutely nothing and i’m sure that I’m not alone with this. This year Mr C and I have worked through the boxed sets of Breaking Bad & Mad Men which seems to be my way of winding down and relaxing.

The fact is that I do feel so very well and want to share this wellness as far and wide as possible.

My herbal medicine studies are progressing well, and ties in well with me blending herbal teas to sell on our Carnell’s of Castle Cary market stand every Tuesday (except August where I have conceded and am having a break, from the market at least!).

The super sizzling and powdered minerals that triggered the ‘supercharged Paula’ last June has evolved into a small business for me with a growing team of fellow distributors, also spreading their joy, and now hundreds of customers who are now enjoying the benefit of their health giving properties. It gives me such joy to have messages and meet friends again after they have found that the minerals have helped their health as much as they helped mine. Our whole family takes them now, teenager boys included, all noticing the difference if they miss a day or two due to forgetting or being away at festivals. Even the originally sceptical Mr C commented only today that he’s sure the minerals are helping him to recover from a grueling work program of the past few weeks coupled with him energetically maintaining our garden and managing his cider production. I’ve now been introduced to the wonders of Kangen water, watch this space as I see what that does for me and my family!


The bees keep me sane and connnected with the natural world, noticing how well they combine their ‘work’ with the balance of nature. Only yesterday I noticed how our passion flowers stamen change position before and after they’ve been visited by the bees. I’ve also learned from the bees about the joy of live film making.  Facebook live has been a wonderful medium for me to share my simple joys and of course it’s got my creative juices working overtime as I see it’s unlimited potential with helping more and more people find their life balance and health again. You can see some of the videos I made on our Carnell’s facebook page

I am begining to find my new purpose and gradually pull together a simple definition of who I am now. After 40 years of quite simply being an ‘Artist’, it’s troubled me to now find who I am again, mother, wife, beekeeper, herbal medicine student, minerals distributor, business coach, and the list goes on. ‘ve been puting together a book, and at last that’s finding it’s form in the story of my 7 years ill and how it became a gift. Finding the time to write it is another challenge, but one I’m enjoying.

Many of us have many skills and part of middle age is acknowleding our learned wisdom and finding ways to communicate it and help those who need it.Many of us have many skills and part of middle age is acknowleding our learned wisdom and finding ways to communicate it and help those who need it.

I believe that I am here to creatively inspire others to achieve success and joy in their lives.

I have proven that you can earn a living from being an artist, and find renewed health with an apparently incurable chronic health condition, not to mention survive divorce and step parenting and a whole host of hurdles along my life’s path. I decided when I was bedbound at the age of 40, that I’d give myself my 40s to learn, and rest, and enjoy the things in life I was too busy to do when I was ‘well’ and being a successful and busy artist. I have a few years left of this action packed decade, so who knows what else will unfold, as I have learned, an awful lot can happen in a year!

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