My personal recovery story from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome with herbs & minerals

I thought I’d let you know my story so you’re fully aware of why I, and my family, take the minerals every day, and why I am so excited to be a distributor for them.

In 2009 after a life time of various health complaints, I completely collapsed and remained mostly bed bound for the following two years.

Needless to say I tried everything and my mother and husband spent all hours searching the internet and library for clues as to what was making me and keeping me so very ill.

My sons were small, only 9 and 11 years of age and I had been working as a professional artist for over twenty years. Exhibitions that I’d booked in London and America had to be cancelled. I then spent six years mainly in bed or in a wheelchair and literally tried every possible complimentary therapy, including cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, Bowen, reiki, theta, EFT, Gupta program, meditation, kinesiology, colonics, various supplement and diet programs. Each treatment helped in some way or another but none of them got me beyond having around two hours a day where I was able to function. I lived from my bedroom with carers coming in daily in addition to my mother and husband helping look after me and our family of now three sons as my step son moved in with us too.

Can you imagine if your life stopped today? If even the simplest things like making a call or writing an email were impossible. Having visitors made you nauseous and exhausted and you could see no end in sight.

This was my life and after repeatedly searching and researching I was given an appointment with a geneticist Dr Turnpenny,in Exeter who diagnosed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). There is no cure and the lovely specialist was apologetic to hand over such a damming diagnosis. I had been somewhat prepared though following years of research and so although it was still a shock to be told that I would be spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair, I was confident that the body could and would heal itself if it was given the right ingredients and environment to heal.

As EDS is a genetic condition where connective tissue is damaged, fragile and often fails to repair, forty years of stress and being very active had taken it’s toll on my body. My joints were in constant agonising pain as the connective tissue no longer supported them. My digestive system failed to function due to collapsing tissue around my organs and so I had become so very sensitive to any foods that were not easily digested.

In my mind though, as I had apparently suffered with EDS all of my life I was on a mission to find where my health balance was. Until I was forty I had been able to be a highly functioning busy woman, running my own business, a family and attended regular yoga classes and walked miles at every opportunity.

I needed to find out how to find that place again and carefully treasure it so as not to push my body beyond it’s limits again.

My first point of call was Lucy Jones, a registered medical Herbalist and Tibetan healer who had moved into our town the previous year. I had followed her on Facebook and Twitter and was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge and generosity of spirit and straight away booked for a full appointment, knowing that I would put my healing into her hands and promised to follow all of her recommendations.

I was her patient for eight months, during which time I progressed from wheelchair to walking stick and could gradually manage more of my own care and that of my family. Lucy repaired the damage to my digestive system, my kidneys, liver and anaemia, restored my energy levels and my faith that I would be able to live some kind of a quality life, albeit ‘disabled’ compared to my previous levels prior to 2009. She inspired me to begin my studies as a medical herbalist with the IRCH.

I was ‘signed off’ from her patient list in March 2015 and had three months without her medication. I still walked with a stick, needed a daily nap and would be severely affected by any stress or injury so felt I needed to act in a protected way, limited and aware of possible ‘relapses’. Despite this I was very happy and content that I could now look after myself and with some help with cooking and cleaning, my family.

In June 2015 my mother had recommended that I try these ‘sizzling minerals’ that she’d been taking for six months. We had both noticed that her hair was growing thicker and faster and her nails had strengthened, they only cost £23.97 a month which was a tiny amount to the hundreds of pounds I had been spending monthly over the previous 7 years.

Within a week I found that I was full of energy and my ‘old self’ was creeping back.

Ideas and enthusiasm flooded into my mind and interestingly I began to want to do things that previously I knew I couldn’t manage. I was now able to drive, not just to taxi the boys, but to do something for myself, and drive home again afterwards. Small things but very noticeable to those around me.

The following week there was a meeting in Glastonbury with Peter Willoughby, the Simply Naturals CEO, it was a Wednesday evening but I really wanted to meet the man behind these sizzling minerals that already were having such an impact on my health and life.

By now you’re got a better idea of the health problems I had overcome over the previous seven years and that I had already seen dramatic improvements in my energy levels after just ONE week of taking the sizzling minerals.

What happened next is what changed my life.

I drove to Glastonbury’s Red Brick building for the area’s first ‘SCOP’ (Simply careers opportunity presentation). Finn, my eldest son came along with me to ensure I wasn’t taken in by some ‘scam’!

SCOPs have a standardised way of running, the first half is a slide show presentation of what sizzling minerals are and where they come from, how they work and why we need them. Ileana Nguyen, a local Naturopathic nutritionist and clinical pharmacist led this half and answered and any questions. The second half an elderly gentleman, John, was asked to do the business presentation. John has just this year celebrated his eightieth birthday, and back in that hall I would have put him at no older than 70! He had seen such huge improvements in his own health when he started taking the sizzling minerals that he couldn’t help but recommend them to his friends and family. Before he had even tried he had established a regular monthly income for himself and soon his daughter Jenny and her family had set up as distributors too!

I had two burning questions that I had to have answered favourably before I would recommend the minerals to anyone, despite how incredible the effects were to me already,

  1. Was the company ethical with it’s extraction and preparation of the minerals?
  2. Was the company still going to be in existence in five years time if I had recommended them to all my friends and family and even built a business from such recommendations?

Simply naturals CEO Peter Willoughby came to the front during John’s presentation and opened the floor to any questions from the thirty plus guests.

Putting my hand straight up Peter only smiled and gladly answered both my questions fully. I was more than satisfied and my son, then 17, was also reassured that this was not only a company worth being involved with, but the CEO was a man we could trust. His own story on how he came to discover plant based minerals is even more fantastic than mine!

I returned home, and that night I upgraded my monthly subscription to ‘distributor’ status and my son decided he wanted to start taking them too as soon as possible!

The following week I happened to be in London with my younger son whilst he was doing work experience with a post production company. I had booked us a nice hotel for some mother & son quality time and experiences, expecting that I’d be resting in the room during the day and we’d go out together in the evenings.

The most extraordinary thing happened though, I was so full of energy that I started to make plans to visit places and friends during the day time. I was using the buses that picked up right outside the hotel, and still using a stick I would walk in between bus stops. It was a particularly hot week and the buses were unbearable, without thinking, I found myself reverting to my pre-illness mindset and was leaping off the bus deciding to walk as I remembered my way around the familiar streets. Next I found that my walking stick was getting in the way and I even left in in a shop!

By now I KNEW that these minerals were giving me the added energy and good health that I’d been lacking all my life. It also confirmed my belief that if the body is given the right ingredients it can and will heal itself!

If what I have told you so far convinces you to take the step and join my business then click here

I now work as a beekeeper, help my husband with Carnell’s of Castle Cary, as well as a Senior distributor for Carnells’ Minerals by Simply Naturals.

I hope that reading my story helps others to realise that the body is an incredible machine, capable of miracles, given the right time and ingredients!

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