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Following several ‘alternative’ therapists treatments and assessments of my condition, I felt compelled to ‘prove’ their findings with more traditional western medicine specialists.

With the recommendation from Charlotte, the Holistic healer, a Neurophysiologist was the person to see. They would be able to detect and test the effects of this illness on my nervous system and advise on possible treatment and recovery time/ likelihood.

This was not as simple a task as I’d hoped. My super carer, Elizabeth, along with my mother, trawled the internet looking for Neurophysiologists at various NHS hospitals. We eventually found one based at Bristol Frenchay Hospital. however, after a referral from my GP, I received a letter saying that their department didn’t believe that they could offer any assistance with CFS/ME patients.

This, as you can imagine, was very frustrating, particularly as various research centres in both the UK and abroad, were having success in measuring CFS/ME patients reactions and finding that a large proportion had sympathetic dominant nervous systems.

Anyway, not one to give up, we then pursued a Dr in London’s Harley street who had expertise in both Neurophysiology, and CFS/ME.

Dr Margareta Greisz-Brisson agreed to see us at our earliest convenience, and after clearance from my health insurance, and a referral from my GP we planned our trip.

Luckily Greg had a day off work and what used to be spontaneous day trip became a military styled operation. London has all kinds of obstacles for the disabled, but remarkably each was overcome fairly smoothly. We found that Harley St had ample disabled parking spaces, and after a last-minute change of route due to the A303 being closed, we arrived in Harley St and soon found an empty parking space.

The clinic was on the fourth floor, but luckily a small lift was in the building and so within three hours of leaving home, I was laid on a couch in the Doctors clinic.

Dr Griesz-Brisson was very thorough in her questioning, asking about all aspects of health, diet, previous illnesses, and delved way back into my past. When we got back as far as the building work at my former Gallery,in 1995 she was very interested. Apparently I was showing all the signs of a classic chemical poisoning.

After many physical tests on my limbs, feet and eyes she confirmed that my nervous system was indeed extremely sympathetic dominant, and that every cell in my body was depleted.

Next, much to Greg’s surprise, she started some kinesiology tests. Using Greg so as not to tire me out any more.

kinesiology is a way of testing the muscles in the body using energy pathways. This is usually thought of as being a complimentary therapy and as much as Greg was surprised, I was relieved. She stood Greg up and asked him to hold his left arm out, then using all his strength, he had to hold the arm out whilst she tried to push it down. Needless to say, Greg was a lot bigger and stronger than her so she wasn’t able to lower his arm. He then repeated this action saying; ‘My name is Greg’. Again his arm remained strong. Then she asked him to try again but saying;’My name is Peter’. This time she was able to lower his arm. After Greg queried the relevance of this exercise she explained that if Science couldn’t help she wasn’t going to give up and especially if using thousand-year old eastern techniques worked. she also said that this exercise could help determine the ‘truth’ within the body.

Next, Greg had to place his left hand, palm up, on various parts of my body, over Liver, kidneys, Heart and Thyroid and each time she would be trying to lower his right arm. Amazingly, she was able to continually lower his arm. This proved that each of the organs was weak so the next step was to try to find the right remedies. Using glass philes filled with various liquid vitamins, Greg then was given the various samples to hold over the organs. By testing the strength of his arm she was now able to determine which vitamins and minerals would make my body regain its strength.

After a quick call to my Insurance company,(WPA) it was agreed that I could have an Intravenous treatment using a combination of the successful vitamins there and then.

Dr Griesz- Brisson felt that I would benefit from regular treatments along with Cranial Sacral osteopathy. The journey to and from London though proving a problem, leaving me to only receive 50% of the benefit of any treatment.

Dr Griesz-Brisson also requested a host of other blood tests to determine which chemicals were poisoning  me and also to rule out lymes disease.

The journey home was horrendous, not due to any particular factor, other than the fact my body just wanted to be flat and still. The next several days my body suffered terribly with pain, sweats, headaches and even ringing in the ears. I was given a sheet to complete each day, listing the various symptoms following the treatment.

Two weeks on my body has recovered its balance, I still need to be predominantly bedbound, but the most important thing is that Dr Griesz-Brisson has given me hope. she couldn’t say how long recovery would take, or in what form recovery would be, but she was certain that my symptoms would improve given time and plenty of rest.

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