Penny Brohn

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of visiting the Penny Brohn National Centre near Bristol. Their strap line is ‘Living well with Cancer’ and from what I’ve recently learned, they have certainly helped so many people regain their lives during and after cancer treatment.

” Through love and hope, the sparkle of life can flourish’  

I was attending a business meeting in their excellent conference room, but had a chance to explore the most beautiful gardens during my visit.

I had heard about Penny Brohn on numerous occasions since my involvement with Women Mean Biz (WMB).

” Open your eyes to the world, hear me everywhere”

The networking group have Penny Brohn as their official charity. Last Sunday I was also taking part in a WMB ‘Wonderful and Well ‘ event at Empowered Fitness, also in Bristol.

We were fundraising for this amazing charity which enables patients to stay completely free of charge at this haven of peace, tranquility as well as restorative holistic healing centre.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do” 

During my wanderings in the garden, I followed paving stones with inspirational quotes carved into them. An occasional memorial stone was also amongst this collection of nature inspired wisdom.

There was a beautiful pond and water feature surrounded by lawns, highlighted by clumps of daffodils, bluebells and cowslips.

The trees were awesome. I say this not in a teenage tone referring to music, but in the way that grand 50 ft ancient trees fill one with awe.

Cedars, oaks, pines and ornamental trees punctuated the lawns, and lined the boundaries, offering glimpses of a sweeping view following the river valley from Bristol city.

When in the presence of such trees, especially in a place nurtured specifically for healing, I find it hard not to become emotional.

Remembering how much nature would restore me when I was so very poorly, but also imagining the many

people who have walked and sat amongst these trees, in pain, in grief, and in gratitude.







“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly”

Grand branches seemingly wrapping their arms around the gardens, comforting all who sit within them.

This truly is a magnificent place, somewhere that should be part of every cancer patients healing, be in restorative or palliative care. The connection with nature and a heavenly peace that abounds at Penny Brohn is too good a secret not to share.

I don’t wish that anyone should need to stay there, but I do wish that all who do need it, can stay there and benefit from the nurturing beauty it has to offer.

If you’re looking for a charity to assist, or a venue to hold your event in, do consider this haven of healing in a most beautiful part of Bristol.

The shop was good too, full of inspirational books, and very healthy but delicious treats. Apparently they keep bees, and so if you visit at the right time, they have some honey in the shop too!

I’ll leave the final words to another carved paving slab….


This hug is just for you

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