Leaflet ID Card


A handy laminated ‘Bees of Britain’ ID card showing some of the most common bumble and solitary bees found around the British isles.

Leaflet ID Card


Bees of Britain ID card.

Produced in conjunction with the invertebrate conservation charity Buglife, this 8-page chart shows 28 species of bee, most of which can commonly be seen in domestic gardens.

As well as the ‘Big Six’ bumblebees, the chart includes species of mining bees, cavity-nesting bees and cuckoo bees. Silhouettes show the typical life-size for each species.

Text on the reverse side includes a table, with full cross-referencing to the images, which gives further information on flight periods, distribution of each species in Britain, and useful pointers to help distinguish between similar-looking species.

This is ideal to use in your garden or out on your adventures

17.5 cm by 24.5 cm



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