Naturopathic Beekeeping Course


Based on her practical management of colonies for both herself and that of her clients, including The Newt in Somerset.  With Paula’s experienced Bee Team, you’ll also receive a wealth of experience not found anywhere else offering a range of options for hive types and methods personalised to suit YOU and YOUR needs, supporting your very own bees. 

Naturopathic Beekeeping Course


This course is for you if:

* You want to get started but don’t know-how

*or you want to have a deeper connection and understanding of your own bees

* You want virtual hand-holding as you learn the basics

* You want to understand why some hives work in different ways from others

* You’d like to take some honey, but only when it suits the bees

* You’re interested in the magic of Bees and their connection with Humans

* You want the facts behind a more natural approach

This course is NOT for you if:

* You’re only interested in honey production

* You don’t believe that we can learn anything from bees

* You don’t want to stop using chemical treatments inside your hive, or around your garden

*You already know everything there is to know about Bees! 

The course includes:-

  • FREE DOWNLOAD of Top 10 beehives
  • FREE DOWNLOAD of The Principles of Naturopathic Beekeeping
  • 4 modules:
    • 1.Why keep bees
    • 2.Where to place them/ Hives and equipment.
    • 3.finding bees & how to care for them (inc nutrition- to feed or not to feed, smoke or not, diseases prevention & cure.
    • 4. Products from the hive, when and how to harvest. Final Q&A
  • Weekly live interactive sessions/workshop with Q&A
  • Downloadable weekly worksheets and information
  • Private community group / Facebook group
  • Beekeeping activities for a year, month by month
  • Recording of interview with Jacqueline Freeman, author of ‘A Song of Increase’
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Skills and knowledge for life


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