Should I see a benefit when I start taking mineral supplements?

This is a question I am often asked and my answer is changing as I learn more about health in general and speak to more health practitioners.

Personally I saw a huge improvement within a week of taking the Sizzling minerals, however I was suffering from Ehlers Danlos syndrome and had also spent several years undergoing all kinds of complementary treatments and so I was very well ‘detoxed’ and relaxed!

What exactly are the sizzling Minerals?

These minerals are so special because unlike most available mineral supplements they are plant based rather than metallic based. This means that they are basically a wafer consisting of over 75 minerals from plants growing in a prehistoric land that have spent 60 million years preserved, free from chemicals and pesticides. The mineral rich soil gave the prehistoric vegetate a strong source of minerals which the plants absorbed and processed into a form that we as humans can easily absorb. I take mine as a veg capsule but MrC and the boys take the Sizzling in various flavours.

If essential nutrients are not in the soil, they are not in the plants and not in you! 

It’s well recognised now that the worlds soil has become seriously depleted of minerals and so even organic foods are not giving you the minerals that we need to help our bodies function effectively.


This doesn’t mean 60 minerals for one day but every day!

We can therefore presume that the majority of the worlds population is actually mineral deficient, which goes some way to explain the current epidemic of disease and ill health. Dr Linus Pauling ( Nobel Prize Winner) stated that almost every disease is caused by mineral deficiency, and without minerals we are unable to absorb vitamins effectively.

There seems to be a suspicion of any health or food supplement and people often ask if they should consult their Doctor before taking such supplements. However, how many people, even those with chronic health conditions, think to consult their Doctor before trying a ‘Dry January’, an alcoholic drinking binge, or a period of unhealthy fast foods?

If you were to undertake three months of healthy eating, would you then , if noticing no obvious health benefits, recommend returning to a burger and chips diet for the rest of your life?

We have come to a time where we have handed over self responsibility of our health to an over stretched and underfunded National Health service where prevention is superseded by searching for cures. Our health has become so detached from natural living and from our own control that people are now unable to make common sense decisions about looking after themselves.

‘Old wives’ have reminded us that ‘we are what we eat’ and yet we choose to ignore this whether in good or poor health.  The wealthy west spend more on supplementing and taking care of their pet’s health than their own as the temptation of easy fast food, full of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics do nothing to nourish our over worked, stressed out and undernourished bodies.

If we have spent 20, 30 or 40 years putting rubbish into our bodies, just how long would you expect it to take to right this? Our bodies are pretty miraculous but we should at least go some way towards assisting with this mammoth task of eliminating toxins and aiding the body to heal itself.

So, back to the original question of noticing a difference when you start taking the minerals; some do, some don’t!

I recently spoke at an event and someone came up to me at the end to tell me she’s been taking the minerals for three years. She noticed no change or felt any benefits at all, however, each time she had her thyroxine levels checked, her Doctor reduced her dose, it’s currently on a remarkably low ’75’ as opposed to her original ‘200’ daily dose!

I have also heard many of my customers tell me they suffer with fewer winter colds, or at least milder versions than their friends, family or work colleagues.

As the temperatures drop, we become more susceptible to colds so it makes sense to boost our immunity in any way we can.

What price do you put on ill health? For under £1 a day you can ensure you have your daily dose of minerals. What would it cost you to have a week or more off work due to illness?

The inner workings of our bodies can’t be ignored and in my mind I know they’re doing me good, and even my bees like them, so who am I to argue with their wisdom?


For more information about plant based minerals look here

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