Sizzling minerals

Sizzling Minerals
Sizzling Minerals

I’ve mentioned these minerals a couple of times in my previous posts but I think the time has come to give them a post all to themselves.

I’d first heard of them around a year ago when my mother was recommended them by a super therapist friend of ours, Felicity Jay 

Mum had given me a brochure at the time. It was a garish brochure packed with information & quotes which I put aside in my ‘read later’ pile. Mum had given me a brief run down of the monthly cost of £23.97 which at the time wasn’t something I wanted or could afford to spend.

I didn’t even mention them to the Herbalist I was under at the time. Lucy was busy fixing me layer by layer and making great progress too. After signing me off her books in March, I felt back in control of my health. I still needed to manage my activity, diet and stress levels and continued walking using a stick, having given up the wheelchair in November. Although definitely on an upward turn, I continued to have the odd set back and with the help of Hannah Taylor, my physiology and podiatrist health gradually encompassed me. Without the ongoing costs of regular treatments I then came across the ‘Simply Naturals’ brochure again from my mum and sat down & read it.

Throughout my life I’ve had a deep belief that our bodies can and do heal themselves, whilst also knowing that they can only do that if the right ingredients are given to it. This doesn’t mean just food and nutrients but all aspects of one’s environment. The past seven years have been an exercise in releasing many stresses and fears along with learning how to care for and maintain my body. I have learned an awful lot about food, how it’s grown & how various foods affect our bodies.

Through my Beekeeping I’ve learned about pesticides, pollution and soil erosion. The nutrients we need simply aren’t in our soil anymore. Growing fruit and vegetables in our garden has taught me that planting a seed and leaving it to nature isn’t enough. It needs water, sunshine, and food.

When I read the simply naturals brochure, full of testimonials from people with various chronic diseases to healthy people with niggling ailments, the core story followed throughout, taking pure plant based minerals has improved their health and wellbeing.

It wasn’t rocket science, our bodies need minerals to survive and heal. The minerals we need are no longer in our soil. A mineral supplement is needed to maintain health. The question then is why ‘Sizzling Minerals’?

On June 10th I took my first sizzling mineral and on the 12th I went to a ‘Simply Naturals’ meeting organised by nutritionist Iliana Nguyen. I went with my 17year old son, a healthy sceptic , and we listened and watched as a local farmer enthusiastically told us of all the health benefits he and his family had seen since taking the minerals. Then Simply Naturals CEO Peter Willoughby spoke. He wasn’t the high powered Multi level marketing expert we were expecting. Instead Peter is a middle aged man, healthier than any Doctor predicted he’d be after breaking every bone in his body ( except his spine) as a teenager and a massive aneurism in his 30s. He has a passion for minerals and a mission to get minerals available to as many people as possible. The refreshing part is that his motivation isn’t wealth, so the Simply Naturals brochures can be misleading, with their images of fists full of dollars and invitations for the reader to earn their dream lifestyle. This is a man who’s experienced extreme pain and disability, and through research and determination has carved out a secure life for himself and wants to share his insight. ( see his story here: The Health Video.)

After many years he sourced a glacier melt in Utah , USA. The glacier is filled with fossilised plant material, plants grown in mineral rich soil millions of years ago and then preserved in the ice for millions more.

I remember reading in my youth of small communities around the world who lived in perfect health and into grand old age from drinking water from ancient glacier streams, so I understood his story.

My question to him was ‘how long will this source last?’ I didn’t want to be all enthusiastic about something that runs out in a couple of years time after making him a very wealthy man. Peter had done his research and told us that if every single person on our planet took one sizzling mineral every day, there would be enough for 167 years!

After this meeting even my son was impressed and together we’ve been taking the minerals daily. I decided to take it one step further and become a ‘distributor’. It was time for me to start working again, but with my studying to be a medical herbalist, and all that three teenage sons and a husband entails, a traditional 9-5 job wasn’t for me. I’m always happy to recommend anything that helps me and that’s how this business works. I recommend it and get rewarded. That’s why it was so important that the product was good and that it genuinely helps me.

The more I discover about minerals, and about this company, the more I like it. It fits in with my lifestyle and I’ve already started seeing the health benefits. I’d decided to set some markers, thin hair, fragile nails, dark circles under my eyes, fatigue and life long cists, and this is after recovering so well! Within a couple of days my hair started thickening and my nails grew stronger and faster. What has been the biggest shock is the dramatic increase in energy. I suppose if I’d always been borderline anaemic then a daily shot of iron that’s easily absorbed could explain a lot of my improvement. My big test was a 32 mile walk along the South Dorset Coastal path a couple of weeks ago, complete with heavy ruck sack! Read about it here: Miracle Walk

Following my walk, and most importantly, the lack of a ‘crash’ afterwards, I am happy to spread the word about these wonderful minerals.

If you’re interested in giving them a go click here; daily minerals This link enables you to see all the flavours available and place your order.

I’m here to help if anyone has any other questions, do message me and in the mean time here’s a few documents about minerals that you may want to read…

All about plant minerals

Sizzling Minerals Test certificate 

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