The benefits of acupuncture & ME

To continue my ramblings about my battle with ME, this morning I shall discuss the course of Acupuncture I have received and how it’s helped with coping with my symptoms.

Today I awoke to realise I’ve slipped back a little. The question is what triggered that? My body aches as if I’ve completed a marathon, and just a short walk to the bathroom left my heart pounding as if I’d run up some stairs. However I remember how I felt several weeks ago, and felt blessed that that phase has shifted.

When I first fell chronically ill, my body ‘rocked & swayed’ whenever I closed my eyes. Yes I had spent some time in my hammock, but this would happen wherever I was and made it uncomfortable to close my eyes. I was also suffering from insomnia, along with being totally exhausted, and in pain in all my joints and with headaches. Some days I was totally sensitive to light and sound and needed to lie on the bed with eye patches on in silence.

Thank goodness that now happens rarely, but the improvement is so gradual that it is important to look back, just to realise how far the improvement has come.

A very good friend is a professional Physiotherapist and acupuncturist and immediately offered to treat me as soon as I fell ill. She was more than happy to visit and treat me at home which was fantastic.

After a questionnaire about how I was feeling and my symptoms, Sally decided to treat me for the balance issues that were causing the rocking. Because I was in such a chronic state, the treatment needed to be gentle and over the coming weeks she could develop the treatment to specific problems.

To begin with needles were placed between my toes, on the top of my head, my knees and arms. After the needles were inserted, I would be left alone for several minutes and then after each treatment I would sleep for about 1 hour. During Sally’s treatments any immediate pain or concerns would be treated and I did receive instant relief.

As the weeks progressed my pain diminished and I became much more relaxed and able to sleep more easily.

The other areas that Sally treated include my elbows, shoulders, ankles and very recently my lower back.

On the last treatment I received I was suffering from headaches and nausea and so she treated my inner wrists, this is a well known pressure point for nausea. I was then nausea free for three days and only think it returned today following a very prolonged time (1 hour)with my 1000 piece Machu Picchu jigsaw!

I also suffer with ‘jangling nerves’ which again has subsided and only reappears when I have ‘overdone’ things. Sally manages to completely stop the nerves from jangling during a treatment, and their occurrence is much less frequent.

It is also interesting how the body ‘looks forward’ to these treatments. I have been having my reflexology on Mondays and my Acupuncture on Fridays, on the morning of each treatment I’d be really looking forward to being ‘pampered’ and become very aware of what symptoms I was suffering from, and excited that my healers would be able to comfort me!

I know that some people are wary of these and other complimentary therapies, and may think that how can I be sure that these treatments are improving my health. Having been ‘open’ to such things for a long time now, I am probably more aware of subtle changes in my body and so can notice specific problems. Anyone who’s visited a homeopath will be familiar with questionings about bowl movements, tongue irregularities along with a simple ‘how do you feel?’ Being used to this kind of service helps you to make the most of complimentary therapies. They work on getting to the root of the cause rather than just helping you to cope with the symptoms.

As far as regular western medicine is concerned, I am taking Buccastem for my nausea, although just 1 a day is plenty, any more than that and I can’t keep my eyes open! So any improvement must be due to time, rest and the complimentary therapies.

I shall discuss in detail the Homeopathy, nutritional and EFT treatments on later blogs.

Now I shall relax and return to listen to my audio books!

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