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Paula Carnell


Bee Expert

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Have you ever wondered about bees?

Wanting to care for bees through kinder beekeeping, sharing what they do, how to look after them, and how we can help save them? 

I am a consultant beekeeper and Bologna trained honey sommelier. I work with individuals, land owners and businesses who want to incorporate bees into their lives, sustainably.

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been working with bees for the past twelve years and they’ve become my life’s work, or perhaps I should say I have become theirs!

Join my 4 module online Naturopathic Beekeeping courses run through my bespoke online course platform, including monthly live interactive sessions with me.

Work with Paula Consultancy packages

As a business or land owner, Paula offers start up and annual consultancy packages to suit established companies or those wanting to start with a new bee project. From initial native bee audits, repackaging and marketing of honey to content and planning for bee exhibitions. Each client is offered bespoke consultancy to create their Bee Strategy and success.

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Golden Bee Productions Community Interest Company

Golden Bee Productions

Paula & her husband Greg are currently spending a year on remote Indian Ocean island, Cocos Keeling. Paula had a dream about the islands in 1992 and together they visited in 2020. Working with Jack Clunies Ross and his bees inspired Paula to set up a community bee project working with the local Islamic Cocos Malay population. Inspired by the bee chapter in the Quran and the beneficial healing aspects of bees. They are being sponsored for accommodation by the owners of Oceania House, a small hotel on Home island, where Paula plans to host bee retreats. Together this project is being filmed for a documentary to be licensed to major media platforms. 

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What do people say..

"Paula is such an inspiring and knowledgeable lady, her talks are always full of wisdom and her passion just shines through in all she does."

-Helen Pinkett-

"Paula is a true Medicine Woman of today's world, knowledge of the natural ancient ways of healing through her specific and deep knowledge of bees together with her connection with the natural rhythms and plants of the earth. She has so much to teach us all"

-Lynne Franks-

"It was such a joy to attend Paula's course.She has such an incredible wealth of knowledge about bees and has taught me so much. I am a better beekeeper after attending Paula's course and it's wonderful to be a part of her beekeeping community which offers support and further opportunities to learn more. Thankyou"

-Esther Coles-

My Bee team

With my Bee Team, we keep our own bees, manage hives and colonies for individuals and businesses, including hotels, gardens and visitor attractions.

I consult globally, helping plan the best home for bees, location and management to ensure their best possible health and wellbeing. Providing content for museums, journals and websites as well as strategic planning for the bee aspect on your land or within your business. 

I’ve noticed that the bees suffer from very similar complaints to humans and so have been on a quest to find places around the world where bees and humans not only live in harmony together, but also with their environment.

Having been traditionally trained in Bee care with the BBKA, I follow a treatment free approach, choosing not to use chemical medications in my hives, or to feed the bees sugar, or use smoke.

My aim is to rear strong healthy colonies adapted to their local environment.

I do not import queens or colonies.

I do however take some honey from my colonies, treating it as medicine rather than food. With my Honey sensory analysis qualifications I aim to raise awareness of the rich diversity of honeys available from around the world, but particularly the UK, believing that local is always best.

Paula Carnell

Forming ‘Possi’ in 1990 as part of the Prince’s Youth Business Trust’ scheme, she soon had a successful enterprise selling her original paintings on silk, and printed greeting cards of her work in over seven hundred shops across the UK and exporting to eleven countries worldwide.

Then in 2008, she began to fall ill, becoming bed and wheelchair bound with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2009. The following seven years were spent on a personal quest to find meaning in life, transforming from an artist to a bee speaker.

Achieving a full recovery in 2016, she is studying as a medical herbalist with the IRCH, runs her business ‘Creating a Buzz about Health’, working as a Global beekeeping consultant, author and speaker


From her literally high flying career in the aviation industry she worked in HR, in-flight instructor, and managing in Las Vegas, wearing wellies and working in beehives were furthest from her thoughts before moving to the UK with her Scottish husband several years ago. Bees are now taking over her life as she helps me both with bees and with managing my business.

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