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Golden bee productions cocos keeling documentary

This project, although initially sounding like a dream, has become the greatest challenge for them both. From ending high paying contracts, relocating her business offices, Greg leaving his job as the Newt's Cellar Master, and renting out their home, that was just the beginning. 'Everything is a challenge' living on a remote coral atoll only to find the bees had left to neighbouring islands.

No phone signal, intermittent wifi, no transport, scarce food deliveries, floods, cyclones, crabs, gekkos and rats and living amongst a 500 strong islamic community in the house that holds a painful history.... is the dream really a nightmare, or an opportunity for this couple to use their life experiences to heal the land and call the bees back? 

Back in 1992, Paula had a dream she was flying over a small jetty looking at a desert island with long haired white hippy's sat on boulders. They were shaded by palm trees and a large warehouse was behind them. Turning to her mother sat beside her on the plane she said 'that's Cocos Keeling island, it's paradise and just off the Isle of Wight'.

Thus began a long term mission to understand why she'd had this dream, if the islands were real, and why it was such a vivid recollection. 

Since then numerous coincidences have occured reinforcing that these islands are linked to Paula's life purpose, and finally it was the bees that called her and husband Greg to visit in 2020. 

'This documentary will change the world'

'Paula & Greg could be the next Basil & Sybil'

'If anyone can call the bees back, it's Paula!'

'We can't wait to see what this project reveals...'

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