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Introduction to Kinder Bee Keeping

A complete guide for the bee curious ready to use a Naturopathic approach, understand beekeeping and make a real impact on their bees.

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  • +100's students

  • 5 star rating

  • I believe you're here because you love bees and could benefit from learning the Naturopathic, kinder, approach to beekeeping - resulting in happier bees, intuitive knowledge and a bigger more positive impact on the environment. if you don't want to feed your bees sugar, treat with chemicals, or cull queens or drones, I am here to help you learn and practice kinder methods.

    Are you ready?

    To really understand your bees and what they need from you?

    To tap into your intuition and to best serve your bees?

    To step away from methods you know are harming not helping your bees?

    To know that you are beekeeping in the best way possible for not only your bees but your own health

    To become an expert in Naturopathic Beekeeping and to feel confident with your beekeeping skills.

    Do you want...

    To go from ‘hobby beekeeper’ to embodying your beekeeper self?

    To create a personalised plan for your bees without feeling overwhelmed?

    To understand the principles of Naturopathic Beekeeping, you’re here to make a positive impact on your bees?

    Transition from conventional methods to working in alignment with nature

    To understand natural ways to boost the immune system of your bees

    What’s included?

    Everything you need to know to start keeping bees in a sustainable and naturopathic way.

    Live interactive sessions, downloadable lessons and a swarm baiting kit.

    Over 4 weeks, or in your own time, running a module each week, you will be guided through the lessons, able to ask questions and share wisdom with other students on the course.

    1 year of monthly zoom Q&A’s

    Community of like-minded Beekeepers in a Whatsapp group.

    Access to all recordings

    You can consume this course at your own pace using Paula's online education platform where you can log in using any device anywhere there is internet access.

    All course materials available at the click of a button

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    Take a peak at the modules.

    1 Bee Hives -

    Understand the variety of hives available and their pros and cons for bee colonies and honey production in a sustainable way.

    2 Placing hives and equipment -

    By understanding the life cycle of bees, where to place the hives, and finding your bees, you can ensure a long and productive relationship with your bees.

    3 Pests and diseases -

    The science behind why bees get sick, alternatives to chemical treatments, and tips on boosting the nutrition of your colonies. Disease prevention and cure are important aspects of Naturopathic beekeeping methods.

    4 Products from the hive -

    how to get the return on investment with honey extraction, propolis and bees wax

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    Introduction to sustainable beekeeping Foundation course £79

    Get started on your journey with bees in a kinder way. An online course supporting those who want to learn more about bees and how we can help them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Get started on your journey with bees in a kinder way.

    This course is for those who:​​​​​​​​

    Are interested in keeping Honeybees​​​​​​​​ introduction to the Full Kinder Keeping Course. ​​​​​​​​

    ​​​​​​​​The course is run online with live interactions for students as they progress through the course.​​​​​​​​

    Kinder Keeping Full course £577

    A complete guide for the bee curious ready to use a Naturopathic approach, understand kinder beekeeping and make a real impact on saving their bees.

    Live and online materials with Paula guiding you every step of the way and her online bee academy available on any device.

    Four modules take the student from absolute beginner to competent 'kinder keeper'. Wondering which hive you need, or where to place it?

    How to invite bees into your hive, the bee lifecycle, health and diseases and then how to utilise the benefits of products from the hive.

    Learn how to become a Kinder Beekeeper

    All you need to know about how to become a kinder Beekeeper find out more about how you can care for your own colony

    Your Teacher

    Paula Carnell

    International Beekeeper | Naturopathic expert

    I am here to help you redefine your version of beekeeping so you can start living more holistically, expand your positive impact on the world and your community.

    When I first started my business as a beekeeper I quickly knew that chemical techniques were not for me… from my recovery from Ehlers Danlos taught me there is a better way of living holistically.

    I have become a successful beekeeper developing my own colonies - becoming head beekeeper of The Newt, thought process behind the Beezantium. I am always booked out with 1-1 consultancy and I’m here to help you create your own beekeeping journey.

    All without using chemicals or harming my bees - no nasties here.

    And whilst we are breaking the rules of beekeeping, one thing you won’t get from me is a copy and paste strategy. What I will do is provide a framework for successful beekeeping and empower you to implement it in a way that works for you wherever you are in the world.

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    Our students

    +100's students around the world!

    Participating in Paula’s Beekeeping Course opened my eyes completely. Not only have I learnt so much about beekeeping and best practices but I’ve also learnt to stop and watch and listen. She is always there for her pupils, answering questions and giving advice and I now feel like I’m part of a new, bee-loving family!

    Lisa Lewis

    Since doing Paula’s Beekeeping Course, it has not only opened my eyes, but also my soul. Her kind words and brilliant way of teaching have encouraged me to look after the bees in the best possible way. Potentially my favourite part of it all is the fact that Paula is forever there for when I have any questions. No matter how big or small, they’re all important to her

    Imy Laine

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